is an Open Source Java servlet application backed by a MySQL database.  It provides a web browser interface for a monthly calendar of events suitable for a single user or group use.  I use WebCalendars to schedule my business appointments, conference rooms, departmental seminars, and a jointly owned small aircraft.


WebCalendar allows the calendar administrator to customize the font and background colors to provide easy distinction between multiple calendars running on the same server.  The administrator can also choose from a variety of date and time formats (e.g., 24-hr or AM/PM format).  Appointments can be red-flagged to attract attention.  Descriptions of calendar events can include HTML tags controlling font, appearance, or providing graphics or hyperlinks. 


To operate a WebCalendar, you will need to install it on a web server with
  • Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition or better (free download)
  • servlet engine such as Tomcat (an Open Source project of the Apache group)
  • MySQL database (an Open Source project)
  • MM.MySQL JDBC Driver (an Open Source project), required to make the connection between your Java servlets and the MySQL database server

Demo Site

Play around with a working demo at http://learn.chem.utah.edu/servlet/Demo.Calendar

Software License

WebCalendar is written by Chuck Wight and distributed freely, but with no warranty whatsoever, under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Download from  SourceForge.net

Download the source code, Java class files and installation instructions free from SourceForge.
Demo WebCalendar Image